Cain Velasquez Reveals Advice CM Punk Gave Him Ahead Of WWE Move

New WWE roster member Cain Velasquez has opened up on a conversation he had with CM Punk about joining the promotion.

The former UFC star made his debut - a shocker at that - towards the end of FOX's SmackDown Premier earlier this month, marching out alongside Rey Mysterio Jr. to strike fear into new WWE Champion Brock Lesnar before actually striking him (a good few times).

It has since been announced that Velasquez has signed a deal with WWE and is no longer with UFC. Speaking to ESPN, the 37-year-old revealed having spoken to a few persons from both the MMA and wrestling business ahead of his move.

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“CM Punk, I talked to. I’ve talked to Travis [Browne] a little bit. In the beginning, when I started thinking of getting into [wrestling], talking to him, he was just really happy with what Ronda was doing," he said.

"So I talked to him and I was like that’s cool, you know. He had really positive stuff to say about working with WWE and you know, doing the whole pro wrestling. So, he said good things about it. DC [Daniel Cormier] obviously is the ultimate fan. He watches this stuff all the time, so he has great insight. He’s all for it. It’s all positive stuff that he’s telling me.”

Pressed for the advice Punk gave him, Velasquez revealed that the former WWE superstar told him to be a team player.

“He said, as far as getting into it, you just gotta be a team player, right? And just know that we’re all working together as a company to better everything for ourselves," he disclosed. "Come to the end of the day, it’s business as well. You just have to be okay with what you have and what you’re being compensated for in order to go out and perform.”

Punk's A Good Sport Nowadays

CM Punk didn't exactly leave WWE on great terms in 2014 but it appears he's mended fences with the company.

Cain, meanwhile, will get his chance to become WWE Champion when he faces Lesnar at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on October 31, with the previously announced fight being turned into a title match.

Source: Sescoops.com (Transcription)

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