Car Manufacturers That Should Jump To NASCAR

As things stand, NASCAR is at three manufacturers at its top-level and by 2020, Chevy, Ford, and Toyota will all be on new platforms. Chevy switched over to the Camaro for this season, Ford will switch to the Mustang next season, and Toyota will utilize the Supra by 2020. Because of these changes, it would make sense for NASCAR to expand back to a minimum of four manufacturers in the stock-car racing series.

The last time NASCAR had four manufacturers in the 2012 season, before Dodge left. A season in which they went out on top when Brad Keselowski would win in the number two Penske — who now runs Ford. The earliest we could even see manufacturers entering the game would be the 2020 season, but a quick search around the internet is rife with rumors of brands who have expressed interest in joining. Even the venerable veteran of NASCAR Dodge is rumoured to make a return to the sport. Since Dodge left NASCAR, popularity, at least in terms of ticket sales at the tracks, has steadily gotten lower. So maybe four or more manufacturers in the sport could increase ticket revenue.


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Obviously, if you're going to see more automakers in the sport, Dodge would make the most sense and would be the brand that annoys NASCAR purists the least. The NASCAR fanboys have a long history of hating foreign manufacturers and wish to keep the sport restricted to only North American cars. That was OK in the early days when there was a plethora of brands to choose from, but now, there are less big brands that would be able to actually develop and run packages for the motorsport. However, given that Dodge was a huge part of NASCAR until the early part of this decade, they're the one that makes the most sense to join. They have the style of cars that could easily compete and with so many of their muscle cars being tuned towards being track monsters, they are an obvious choice to enter the game. They would probably run the Charger at this level.


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The next brand that might be viable in NASCAR would be Volkswagen. Now, this might seem like a weird choice given they don't have any car that would be in the direct class to compete in the series, but this is a manufacturer that has been rumored to join NASCAR as far back as 2012. Some fans have even photoshopped VW models in the NASCAR style, most notably the Jetta which is their closest in terms of style to what could work in North America's top racing sport. Volkswagen also has some competitive history in racing. Also an interesting note, a driver by the name of Dick Hagey did bring a VW Beetle to a 1953 NASCAR race at Langhorne Speedway. This was Hagey's only NASCAR race and he would finish 18th out of a 35 car field. There is very little information out there about this particular VW Beetle. But it's certainly a neat fact.


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The third manufacturer that is another possibility would be Nissan who, over the last year, has been rumored to join NASCAR, and coincidentally join at the same time Dodge would re-join the motorsport. Rumors of Nissan jumping into NASCAR have been flying about since 2015, but gained more credence in late 2017 and have continued into this year. This isn't just idle fan speculations on the matter either, some pretty major NASCAR news outlets have reported on this particular matter, admittedly not at great length. Though, Nissan has supposedly expressed interest in joining NASCAR. It would certainly be an interesting situation if they did as they would be the second Asian manufacturer to join the sport and something that would probably raise the ire of the NASCAR fandom.

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While new brands in the sport would certainly be a good thing, it would probably be best if Dodge were the one to rejoin, and then eventually have the four companies in the sport add their luxury brands into the fray, which was typical of NASCAR even from its earliest days. Or in the case of General Motors in the 1990s and early 2000s, run Chevrolet and a secondary brand like Pontiac. This would actually be a great thing for all names involved as they could then introduce their more premium brands to a younger audience. This would also solve the problem of specific teams being ultra-dominant because in NASCAR, there's either the cream of the crop or the bottom of the barrel with the middle ground being drivers from bigger teams simply flaunting their money.

If say Toyota ran the new Supra model plus a Lexus model, and Ford ran the Mustang plus whatever Lincoln model would fit best, this would then give teams more options on which packages to run, which would then increase the parity within the sport, something fans are clamoring for. It would also make the playoff format more diverse since it's a win and you're in system.


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