Why Carmella Had To Win The SmackDown Women's Title

Carmella used her Money in the Bank briefcase to cash in and take the SmackDown Live's Women's Title from around Charlotte's waist. It happened less than 48 hours after Charlotte successfully defended her title and against arguably the hottest female WWE competitor employs in Asuka. It shocked the WWE Universe even though everyone knew it was only a matter of time before Carmella made good on her guaranteed opportunity and it opened the door to a ton of changes come next week's Superstar Shake-up.

The question many are asking is why WWE would take the belt off Charlotte after choosing to have her end Asuka's undefeated streak and why they would have Carmella be the one to take it. After all, Carmella is hardly among the top-rated female stars on either brand.

There are some very good reasons WWE made this move. If we look at a couple different options, we'll see WWE might not have been out of their minds when they made this call.

Keep Charlotte A Fan Favorite

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There were more than a few people who disapproved of WWE's decision to end Asuka's streak. While Charlotte might have been one of the few choices who made sense to do so, it didn't mean that she wouldn't take the brunt of the hatred by the WWE Universe. Becuase Asuka was so popular, it's natural to not like the person who took The Empress of Tomorrow's streak even if it wasn't Charlotte's fault.

By having Carmella screw over Charlotte, fans immediately sympathize with the Queen less than 48 hours after she robbed the WWE Universe of Asuka's winning run. Carmella becomes the hated character and that's the point when WWE is pushing her as a heel. Fans can now cheer for Charlotte to gain her title back when they might have turned on her prior.

It Was About Time

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Just a few days ago, Carmella held the record for the most failed attempts to cash in her briefcase and it was starting become obnoxious that she still had the contract and had not cashed it in. WWE was going to have to make her do so sooner than later if they wanted anyone to take the relevancy of that opportunity seriously and after all this time, this was the perfect opportunity.

The Money in Bank briefcase isn't as effective if the holder never uses it. Carmella was beginning to become old news and WWE needed to do this while the getting was still good.

Carmella Actually Deserved It

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She may not be one of the top female competitors on the brand but Carmella is actually over with the WWE Universe. When she won the briefcase the first time, the fans ate it up. Unfortunately, WWE forgot about her. Having it this time, she was a heel that put over wrestler after wrestler, never complaining but going about her business as one of the blue brand's biggest bad girls.

Carmella has been around a while now and she's proven that she can be an unlikeable character it's easy to rally against. That's important in a heel character and she has the draw as someone you just want to cheer against.

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Change Things Up

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The Women's Revolution WWE is going through is great. That said, there was some repetition happening as the company was pushing a couple of the ladies on SmackDown Live and a couple of the women on Raw and others were falling by the wayside. Giving Carmella the title puts a fresh spin on things and makes her new matchups with different rivalries. That's important if you want to keep fans invested.

She doesn't have to hold the title long but if she did, she could be quite productive. Imaging her as The Miz of the Women's Division could be fun. She's not the best wrestler but she's got mic skills enough to be annoying and you want so badly to root for people to take that title away from her it makes her an effective champion.

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