Carmelo Anthony Expected To Sign Contract With Rockets For $2.4 Million

The NBA summer soap opera continues: the revolving door that has seen star basketball player Carmelo Anthony enter and then exit and then re-enter again between teams has swung open once again. And now, Anthony is to officially become a Houston Rocket.

According to Bleacher Report, Carmelo Anthony is expected to sign a one year, $2.4 million contract with the Houston Rockets. This will go into effect once he’s officially released by the Atlanta Hawks. Anthony must also clear waivers following the trade between Oklahoma City and the Hawks before the ink can officially hit the page.

The addition of Carmelo Anthony to the Houston Rockets will be the culmination of a whirlwind of events for the all-star forward this summer. Anthony has been the subject of a lot of discussions that involved trades and buyouts. The forward’s production last year as part of the Oklahoma City Thunder saw him drop in points and rebounds, 16 and five, and with a dismal outing in last year’s playoff run, Anthony’s exit seemed more than probable.

Via Sports Illustrated

Anthony opted in on his Oklahoma City contract to gain access to the $28 million he was expecting. However, his stay and play with the Thunder was rocky at best and the possibility of assuming a bench role in the 2018-2019 season was something Melo deemed out of the question.

Anthony’s hefty contract and lackluster performance last year during the playoffs especially began to garner the question of his actual staying in Oklahoma City with Westbrook and George, who both played fairly well during the regular season and had a decent playoff outing. Barring that, the Thunder had been looking for a way to rid themselves of the big time cost for a player that they were not sure fits into their schemes. And so, Anthony was traded to the Atlanta Hawks.

Since then, reports indicate that the Houston Rockets have been working with the assumption that Anthony would end of up their line up. It seems that this is very much the case and with it, depending on what the player actually brings to the table, could be a new big three to attempt to rival the reigning champs, the Golden State Warriors.

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