Carmelo Anthony Officially Signs With Rockets After Weeks Of Rumors

After weeks of rumors and speculation, Carmelo Anthony has finally signed with the Houston Rockets for the NBA veteran minimum.

It was one of the NBA's worst kept secrets. Anthony was leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder, becoming a free agent and likely to sign with the Houston Rockets. Yet, for some reason, things kept getting delayed or slowing down. Word was that he was about to sign, but hadn't or that he was working out with the team but wasn't officially a Rocket. All of that changed on Monday when Anthony signed a one-year deal worth $2.4 million.

Daryl Morey, General Manager of the Houston Rockets officially announced the signing after Anthony completed a physical with the franchise. He will now join James Harden, Chris Paul and the rest of the Rockets as they try to keep pace in a very strong NBA Western Conference.

With Anthony's signing, the questions of how competitive the Rockets will be, where he'll slot in the starting rotation (or from the bench) and how much he'll play will all start to overtake the conversation. No longer will it be about where Anthony will go, but how he'll fit.

Recent speculation is that the team intends to have him come off the bench but other reports have it that Anthony doesn't see himself in a supporting role but more a big contributor to the team, ready and able to put up points and be a big part of the Rockets offense. If there is a difference in philosophy between the two sides, it will be interesting to watch as storylines unfold, especially when you consider the checkered past between Anthony and head coach Mike D'Antoni.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN is reporting, "Of course, Carmelo Anthony will compete for a starting spot in training camp, but ultimately could come off the bench -- based on whatever Mike D'Antoni decides makes most sense for Rockets."


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