Update On Cena & Carmella Dating Rumor

A recent report from Bodyslam.net suggested that John Cena is on on the rebound from his breakup with Nikki Bella, while Ringside News suggested he's dating SmackDown Women's Champion, Carmella.

But according to Corey Jacobs of Wrestling News, the rumor is false as a "blind item," threw it around, which led to other wrestling websites to spread it. Jacobs added that a WWE source informed them there's a chance Cena and Bella get back together anyway, adding the alleged relationship with Carmella is "100 percent BS."

Cena and Bella were to tie the knot in Mexico last week, but the breakup happened just weeks ago. Reports from People suggested that the 16-time World Champion got "cold feet" as the wedding date drew nearer.

Both Bella and the future Hall of Famer have shared a series of cryptic messages on social media since their breakup, and the WWE Universe is still coping with the shocking news of their breakup.

Carmella was in a relationship with Big Cass for a few years, but they broke up around the time the month turned to January. Reasons for the breakup are unclear, however. The two began working closely in NXT, alongside the recently fired Enzo Amore.

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Even if Cena and Carmella were engaging in some form of a relationship, it would also be kept behind closed doors. Many WWE talents are private about their personal lives, and many refuse to share much detail.

Cena has a history of having relationships with other female talents in the WWE. An alleged affair with Mickie James led to his divorce with Elizabeth Huberdeau - Cena's first wife of three years. But as of now, it appears as though he's not moving on to Carmella, despite the rumor spreading around the internet quickly.


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