Rumor: Why Cesaro & Sheamus Are Not Used On SmackDown Live

Cesaro and Sheamus have barely been seen on SmackDown Live since moving to the blue brand via the Superstar Shake-Up in April, and fans have simply been wondering what's going on behind the scenes.

In fact, the duo has only wrestled twice on episodes of SmackDown - the last one being a six-man tag team match (with The Miz), against New Day. That took place on May 29, 2018, and The Bar has yet to compete in a match since.

But Mike Johnson of PWInsider Elite Audio (h/t Ringside News), was able to provide an update on the situation - and it's completely different from recent speculation that the creative team simply had no plans for them.

Johnson said that Sheamus and Cesaro are currently in their home countries of Ireland and Switzerland, respectively. He theorizes that the duo is either vacationing "at the same time" or that they could both be completing work-visa issues.


Johnson noted that it's believed neither are naturalized American citizens, so that they would probably have to take care of the visa matters in their respective nations. He noted that The Authors of Pain recently had work-visa complications when they were coming up to Canada.

This hasn't been fully confirmed, but both theories make plenty of sense. It's also worth noting that Sheamus has been dealing with a bad neck injury for the past year, so WWE could also be trying to strictly limit how much he performs in the long-term future.

The four-time Raw Tag Team Champions are among the most dominant and popular tag teams in recent memory, which is why their sudden frequent absence has raised so many eyebrows.

Fans can only be patient and wait for Sheamus and Cesaro to return, and it'll certainly come in epic fashion. With SummerSlam just a month away, one has to think they'll be back in the ring before long.


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Rumor: Why Cesaro & Sheamus Are Not Used On SmackDown Live