WWE Already Has One Eye On Charlotte Flair Breaking Her Dad's Record

WWE is apparently already planning for a day when Charlotte Flair will beat her dad's record of 16 World Title reigns.

As can be the case with Money In The Bank, things got a little chaotic on Sunday night. After successfully defending the Raw Women's Title against Lacey Evans, Becky Lynch then lost the SmackDown equivalent to Charlotte Flair. Then, minutes later, Bayley cashed in her MITB briefcase on Flair and took that title away from her.

Despite Flair's latest title reign being a short one, she still made a little more history. The Queen now stands alone when it comes to Women's Titles reigns. Trish Stratus is in second place with seven while Flair can now boast nine. Her and Stratus were (sort of) neck and neck before Sunday as some claim Trish's Hardcore Title reign counts as one too. Now that Flair is on nine, there is no ambiguity whatsoever.


via WWE

Flair incurring this many title reigns at this stage of her career is no coincidence. Not only is she extremely talented, but according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has already discussed her one day surpassing her father. Ric Flair's name is synonymous with his record 16 World Championship reigns. WWE plans for Charlotte to make it to at least 17.

There are still three active wrestlers in WWE that are closer to Flair than Charlotte. John Cena is currently stranded on 16 reigns and shows no signing of winning one more to break the record. Meanwhile, Triple H is a 14-time champion and Randy Orton has held a World Title 13 times. All of that being said, apart from maybe Cena, it would seem that Charlotte is the most likely candidate to break her dad's record.

Charlotte often speaks out about fans and critics seeing her as nothing more than Ric Flair's daughter. The Queen continues to prove that she is so much more than that and is a magnificent competitor on her own right. What better way to finally cast those accusations aside than by winning more championships than your old man? It might be a few years away yet, but we firmly believe it's going to happen.


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