Charlotte Flair Has High Praise For Tyler Breeze After His Return To NXT

Tyler Breeze answered Ricochet's open challenge on NXT this week and reminded all of us exactly how good he can be when given the chance.

Whether an NXT Superstar will make it on Raw or SmackDown Live really is a roll of the dice. It doesn't matter how popular they are with the Full Sail crowd, the gimmick simply might not work on the main roster. In all fairness, a lot of that depends on the position Vince McMahon puts them in.

One of the best, or worst depending on how you frame it, examples of that is Tyler Breeze. One of NXT's greatest exports, and arguably the best male star to pass through the brand and never win its top prize. However, on the main roster, it has been a completely different story. Whether you believe he brought that on himself by requesting to leave an episode of Raw early is neither here nor there.


Breeze has been used so sparingly on Raw that he has been coming back to NXT from time to time. Only for untelevised live events, though. That was until this past Wednesday. Ricochet held an open challenge for his North American Championship in NXT's main event, and Prince Pretty answered the call. If you haven't seen it, their match was terrific, and the in-house crowd was extremely split.

The fans at Full Sail have not forgotten how great Breeze is, and neither have some of his main roster peers. Charlotte Flair even took to Twitter on Sunday morning after watching Breeze's match with Ricochet. The Queen wrote "@MmmGorgeous reminding people that he’s one of the best in the company." Having the admiration of your peers is one thing, but what Breeze will really want to do is get the attention of Mr. McMahon.

Breeze heading back to NXT for a match or two should be something that is commonplace in WWE. For some reason, the street out of Full Sail is a one-way deal. There are so many stars on Raw and SmackDown Live right now that could benefit from a run in NXT, even if it's just for a couple of months. It will keep them relevant and also build them back up in the eyes of the fans.


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