Chase Utley Leaves The Phillies Faithful With An Emotional Thank You

Chase Utley is among the most beloved athletes to ever play in the city of Philadelphia.

It's a ruthless fanbase, no matter what sport. If you're not hustling each play, you get booed. If you are not performing well, you get booed. If you say anything derogatory about the fans, well, you get the point.

That's why Utley was so perfect for Philadelphia fans. They were a match made in baseball heaven. Utley ran bases like he had stolen something and kept his press conferences short and sweet — never bad-mouthing the fans or give them any reason to boo him.

That was why this weekend was so special for the soon-to-be-retired second baseman. Utley timed his retirement announcement just a few weeks before the Dodgers would make their only trip to Philadelphia this season.

It would end up being Utley's last trip as a player of course.



In the first game of the three-game series, Utley received a thunderous standing ovation as Dan Baker enthusiastically announced Utley's name and number. With his signature walk-up song, "Kashmir," playing in the background, it felt like Utley was supposed to be in the other dugout wearing red and white, instead of blue and white.

The rest of the series was filled with other memorable moments like Utley delivering the lineup card at the beginning of game two, and being greeted by his old friend the Phillie Phanatic.

And of course, his curtain call at the end of Wednesday's matinee game, where Utley saluted the fans one last time.

Chances are he will be back for alumni ceremonies and a likely Phillies Wall of Fame induction as well. It is still up for debate on whether or not Utley has the credentials to be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Now, Utley was never one to make many jokes, but he did have a few dry-humored one-liners including this:

"The [Phillies] fans have had my back since day two," Utley told NBC Philadelphia's, John Clark. "Day one they booed me off the field (inciting laughter). But since day two they've had my back and I can't thank them enough."


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