A Masked Chris Jericho Brutally Attacked Hangman Page At Fight For The Fallen

We knew Chris Jericho would be making an appearance at Fight for the Fallen, but we were not expecting it to be like this.

At All Out next month, the first ever AEW Champion will be crowned. Chris Jericho and Hangman Page will compete for that honor. Due to Y2J's busy schedule, the only match he will have wrestled for AEW by that point is his win over Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing. Hangman Page, meanwhile, has competed at every single AEW event to date.

Page won a battle royal at DoN, a fatal four-way match at Fyter Fest, and he wrestled Kip Sabian at Fight for the Fallen. The up and coming British wrestler took the number one contender to the limit, almost literally. With less than a minute to go before they hit the 20-minute time limit, Page finally managed to thwart Sabian.

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Hangman didn't have long to celebrate, though. Immediately after winning the match, a masked individual appeared in the ring. At first glance, it looked like a member of the Dark Order. However, it quickly became clear that the man under the mask was not a Dark Order member at all. That's right, it was Jericho. The final giveaway was his use of the Codebreaker before he removed the mask.

Y2J proceeded to yell at a prone and bloodied Page whose face already looked bruised. Perhaps Jericho's Judas Effect was a little stiff. After disposing of the man he will wrestle at All Out, Y2J ascended the turnbuckle and proceeded to flip off the AEW fans. Classy as always from the former World Champion. We love it, but the attacking people in a mask gimmick is getting a little predictable.

It was originally advertised that Jericho had something to say at Fight for the Fallen, and that he was coming to the show for that thank you he so desperately craves. At the time of typing this, it is unclear as to whether the attack on Page will be the only time we see Y2J on the show. He might still be backstage or, knowing Jericho, is already on stage at a Fozzy show somewhere nearby by now.

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