Chris Jericho Takes Shot At Brock Lesnar and WWE After Money in the Bank

Brock Lesnar came out of nowhere to win the men's Money in the Bank ladder match on Sunday night, much to the frustration of countless fans and pundits.

Once again, WWE decided to give the part-time performer a monumental victory - over seven other superstars who took a handful of dangerous bumps. This will undoubtedly go down as one of the WWE's most questionable booking decisions of 2019.

Chris Jericho - who is now signed with AEW - couldn't help but throw some shade at Lesnar and the WWE following the match. He took to Twitter and threw this savage at the Beast Incarnate and his former company:

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AEW is holding its first event, Double or Nothing, in Las Vegas on Saturday. Jericho and his fellow AEW talents stand in great position to make a massive impact right away, as WWE continues to make countless mistakes that are only hurting their product even more.

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Other than WWE chairman Vince McMahon, it's hard to find many people who are fully pleased with giving Lesnar all of these championship runs and main event matches. And with WWE ratings plummeting by wide margins in recent weeks, booking decisions like this aren't going to help in any way.

It's worth noting that Jericho and Lesnar got into a confrontation backstage at SummerSlam 2016. After Lesnar defeated Randy Orton via technical knockout, Jericho berated the Beast Incarnate - believing he left the Viper legitimately injured. That led to a minor altercation backstage, according to Jericho, who was only standing up for Orton. Perhaps that whole incident played a factor in his decision to mock Lesnar and WWE for another head-scratching booking decision.

What This Means

Jericho pretty much summed up the feelings of many wrestling fans here. The other seven superstars are full-timers and were all deserving of a victory, but we're used to Vince giving Lesnar the entire spotlight when he can. And at this rate, it's safe to say Jericho and AEW will emerge in very short time as a serious threat to the WWE.

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