Chris Jericho Calls Recently Released WWE Star A "Main Eventer"

Chris Jericho was a guest on Busted Open Radio and while talking about how WWE will never release another talent, he says the star AEW did get, is a main eventer.

During his interview, Jericho got into a conversation with the hosts about Shawn Spears. Saying he has no idea why Spears was left to sit in WWE, he understands why the performer formerly known as Tye Dillinger would want his release. According to Jericho, WWE's loss is AEW's gain.

Jericho said it was miraculously Spears got a release from WWE. He then went on to say that there's no way WWE will allow anyone else to leave. Of course, this comes contrary to accounts from Spears himself who simply chose not to renew his contract and let WWE know he wouldn't be signing again when it was his option to do so.

Jericho said about WWE, "If you fall out of grace, you’re finished being played with as Vince’s toy, you get put in the corner." He said this is what happened to Spears but thankfully, he was able to leave.

Jericho also talked about who Spears and Cody Rhodes were great friends and Rhodes knew what he had in Spears who he was happy to take off WWE's hands. Jericho said, "I championed to get him," when talking about how excited he was to have Spears on board. He went on to say, "The guy is a tremendous heel. He’s an old school heel. He looks the part. Putting him with Tully Blanchard is a great idea. He’s a main eventer."

What This Means

This is high praise coming from a guy like Jericho. If he believes Spears has all the tolls to be a main event player for AEW, he's probably right. And, if he's willing to help Spears take the next step WWE never saw in him, that's great for Spears.

That seems to be the plan. Jericho said, "We’re going to make him into a star, just by putting him with Cody Rhodes.”

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