After A Lot Of Confusion, Chris Jericho Confirms The AEW Title Has Been Found

After posts were posted and then deleted, Chris Jericho finally confirmed via a video on Twitter that he has been reunited with the AEW Title.

At All Out last Saturday, Chris Jericho became AEW's first-ever World Champion. Less than 24 hours later, according to the police report, Jericho had that title stolen from him. Well, from the back of his limo while he ate dinner at a Longhorn Steakhouse to be precise. Thus began the hunt for the richest prize in AEW.

The whole ordeal has been so confusing that even now, it is still unclear as to whether this was all a work or not. The reveal that the belt has been found safe and well only muddies the waters further if we're honest. The Tallahassee PD tweeted a photo revealing the title had been discovered, then deleted it. AEW's Twitter account also tweeted the same photo, and then followed suit and deleted that too.

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Jericho finally confirmed the news himself on his own Twitter on Wednesday evening. The two-minute clip shows Y2J sat at home, title draped over his shoulder, sipping on a glass of champagne. Sorry, "a little bit of the bubbly." The champ details how he had hired the world's best private investigators to help him recover the title, and doing so had clearly paid off.

In keeping with his need to be thanked, Jericho also took the chance to demand the entire AEW roster and fanbase thank him for recovering the championship. Which begs the question, was this all a work or no? Y2J seemed remarkably calm throughout the whole saga, or at least he did on Twitter. AEW even appeared to get in on the fun.

The length of time it took for the title to be found doesn't help us figure this out one way or the other either. If this was a work, surely it would have been more fun for the title to be missing for longer? Then again, the story has been covered by pretty much everyone, so we guess mission accomplished on that front. Either way, maybe leave the title at home from now on unless you're headed to an AEW show, champ.

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