Chris Jericho Says Dean Ambrose Would Be Welcome In AEW

Having wrestled his final match with The Shield - and with his contract expiring this month - Dean Ambrose will leave the WWE any day now.

There are no hints or indicators of where Ambrose will wind up yet, but WWE legend Chris Jericho talked to Express.co.uk and said "The Lunatic" is welcome to join AEW if he so desires.

"I’m sure if he wants to come to AEW he’d be more than welcome," Jericho said."He’s a star, he’s a great performer, he’s a great character...When you get a great performer, it doesn’t matter what company they were before because they’re in a top level."

Ambrose has been tied to possibly joining WWE now, since he had close ties to both Jericho and Cody Rhodes. But when Ambrose is ready to field offers from other companies, you can bet AEW will have competition. Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling, for example, could seriously pursue Ambrose as well.

It's worth noting that Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio recently said that Ambrose isn't expected to head to AEW, and that he could come back to WWE in the near future. Meltzer noted that Ambrose is "burned out," which could suggest he'll take some time off before embarking on the next chapter of his wrestling future.

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With Ambrose's contract expiring, he's in prime position to go where he wants, and WWE can't do anything about it. Both Luke Harper and Sasha Banks are unhappy in WWE right now, but recent reports have indicated that neither of them will be granted a release. It's quite obvious that WWE is viewing AEW as a major rival and threat, so it's going to be a major blow to them if he signs there.

Ambrose has enjoyed a remarkable seven years with WWE, and he probably deserves a Hall of Fame induction some day. But the former WWE Champion ultimately decided it was best for him to move on, and he's going to succeed wherever he ends up next.

What This Means

It'd be no surprise whatsoever if Ambrose wound up in AEW. They've signed a handful of former WWE talents, and Ambrose would have a strong working relationship with both Jericho and Cody. He has plenty of incentives to go there, and AEW simply looks like be the best possible fit or Ambrose.

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