Chris Jericho Praises Goldberg For His SummerSlam Spears

Goldberg did what he does best at SummerSlam on Sunday, and clearly, his old foe Chris Jericho was watching the show.

At Super Showdown earlier this year, Goldberg and The Undertaker put on a contender for the worst match of 2019. It left us wondering whether men of their age should still be competing on such a big stage, especially against each other. Since then, both men have gone about proving that they still have something to offer between the ropes.

Last month, The Deadman teamed up with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules. He and The Big Dog successfully saw off Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. The match proved that Taker still has a place in the business. However, in a singles match in the main event of a major PPV, maybe not. At least not against someone who is a similar age to him.

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At SummerSlam this past Sunday, Goldberg went about going a step further. The former Universal Champion went one on one with Dolph Ziggler. The thing is, with Goldberg, his matches don't need to be long. He made a name for himself destroying his opponents in minutes, and sometimes even seconds. That's exactly what he did to The Showoff on Sunday night.

Chris Jericho might have had his issues with Goldberg in the past, but the AEW star was impressed with his former rival's work at SummerSlam. After the show, Y2J tweeted, "Goldberg still has the BEST spear of all time. Nobody makes it look that devastating." Hard to argue with, especially after the three he delivered to Ziggler at SummerSlam. The third one, for which he ran the ropes first, looked as if it would have snapped a lesser man in half.

Jericho should know a thing or two about Goldberg's spears. Back when he was trying to get the big man's attention when the pair were in WCW together, Goldberg gave Jericho one of his biggest spears ever. He was very clearly peeved with the amount of lobbying Y2J had been doing to get a match with him. 20 years later, and we agree with Jericho, Goldberg still boasts the best spear in wrestling.

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