Chris Jericho Comments On Vince Russo AEW / WWE Conspiracy Theory

Chris Jericho is a busy man these days. But, his schedule didn't stop him from taking time to answer a fan question about Vince Russo's theory on AEW.

Not long ago, former WCW, WWE and TNA writer Vince Russo suggested AEW and WWE were working together. In fact, he suggested that fans who didn't think there was a partnership between the two companies were having the wool pulled over their eyes. He wrote, "There's NO QUESTION that & are in bed together--NONE."

Trying to justify such an odd statement, he added, "Several things don't add up. When you look at the entire picture it becomes evident." He added:

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Don't misunderstand me-if @WWE & @AEWrestling are working together-as I believe they are-it's a GOOD THING if it makes the wrestling product better for the casual fans. I'm just saying-don't be worked. This has happened once before with ECW/WWE. History tends to repeat itself.

When Russo made these comments, it was just days after AEW had pulled off a great first-ever pay-per-view. The production quality was good, the matches were excellent and there were a ton of AEW vs WWE references throughout the show. If you were into conspiracy theories, perhaps it was easy to justify what Russo was saying. Even if it didn't make logical sense from an AEW or WWE standpoint.

Then, as Jon Moxley began to make the media rounds and trash WWE, it became much clearer to most fans, there's no way these two companies were working together.

A few weeks later, a fan asked AEW star Chris Jericho what he thought of the comments and he wrote, "Click bait. Not even 1% true."

That Jericho said "Not even 1%", of course, left the door open for many fans to make jokes or jump to conclusions about why he wouldn't put the percentage at zero. Jericho didn't elaborate more.

What This Means

Jericho probably didn't elaborate because he doesn't need to. To be honest, the entire idea of AEW, who has more money than WWE and WWE working together is ludicrous. It's exactly the kind of thing someone like Russo would come up with to gain attention.

That's probably why Jericho chose to only comment in six words.

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