Chris Jericho Can Get Impact A Better TV Deal, Says Petey Williams

With rumors Chris Jericho might join Impact Wrestling, current Impact star Petey Williams suggests Jericho can be used to get more money to air the rights to the show and possibly a better television deal.

Working with Jericho on his cruise seems to be paying off for Impact Wrestling. With news that Jericho may not come back to WWE and could instead work with Impact, even the rumors he's potentially on his way could mean increased revenue for Impact when it comes to their current deal to air their show on the Pop Network.

Williams recently took part in an interview with Lords Of Pain, where he said, "IMPACT are gonna use Chris Jericho as a bargaining tool. You look at how many viewers can watch Pop. I think Pop knows, ‘Hey, this company grows, they’re probably gonna leave us unless we give them more money'. In that case, then they lean on us more. Everybody knows it’s business."

Impact used to have a deal with Spike TV and when the show struggled, changed networks until finally landing on Pop. The details on the deal with POP are not well known, some expecting Impact has more of a barter deal lined up where less actual payments are made and Impact keeps the advertising revenue from their programs. The biggest complaint is that POP doesn't seem to promote Impact Wrestling shows.

For Impact, the long-term sustainability of their promotion will come from a strong television or rights deal to air their programming on a popular platform. Williams believes, signing Jericho would be a step in that direction.

Whether or not Jericho actually comes to Impact is up for debate. He's said he would never work in North American against WWE, but with speculation, Jericho is also fond of the idea of smaller promotions working together and keeping wrestling healthy for many companies, his position may have changed.

None of that may matter. If people believe Jericho is coming to Impact, that may be all that's needed for the company to build some momentum and negotiate for a bit more money.


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