Chris Jericho Reveals His Wrestle Kingdom Piledriver Cost Him A Patch Of Hair

During his WrestleKingdom match, Jericho lost a lock of hair and revealed the aftermath in a photo on Instagram. If this photo is any indication, it's proof that as entertaining as professional wrestling is meant to be and as much as wrestlers try to protect one another, being in the industry certainly can hurt and not everything goes according to plan.

Looking at the photo, Jericho shows off the spot on his head where a big chunk of hair used to be. Apparently, while taking a piledriver outside the ring, his hair got caught in the ramp and as he turned to receive the move, the hair that was stuck in the ramp, stayed in the ramp and not on Jericho's head. Ouch.

The Instagram post was flooded with comments teasing Jericho about going bald and not actually losing the hair during the match but in all seriousness, it probably hurt like crazy to have that much hair yanked out all at one time. Unlike past performers like Mankind, who used to pull his hair out as part of the character, what Jericho lost was no small chunk of his locks.

What This Means

In the grand scheme of Jericho's career and professional wrestling, this isn't much of a story other than to show that wrestling can go wrong and moves can hurt more than the move was intended. A piledriver is already one of the riskiest moves in the wrestling industry, especially when done on a ramp outside the ring. When you factor in the fact that a chunk of hair can get caught in the ramp, its a safe bet wrestlers will think twice about taking a move like that in the future.

WWE doesn't even allow piledrivers as part of the move sets permitted by its superstars.

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