Chris Jericho Says WWE Isn't Happy About AEW's Quick Success

Chris Jericho was asked about what he believes Vince McMahon thinks about the early success of AEW and his response was that he can't be happy. Specifically, he said, "You can't tell me a show that had Chris Jericho, Dustin Rhodes, Jim Ross, Bret Hart, Dean Malenko calling the matches backstage, didn't make WWE angry."

Jericho likely has a valid point. While AEW isn't yet competition for WWE and may never really be if neither company runs a television show on the same night or a pay-per-view on the same weekend, the stamp AEW is placing on the wrestling industry in a short period of time is hard to miss.

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The new wrestling company just came off a successful pay-per-view named Double or Nothing and by many accounts, it was met with great fanfare. Meanwhile, fans are starting to grow concerned recent WWE shows have been less-than-stellar.

Jericho spoke with Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray on SiriusXM's Busted Open Radio today to discuss his career moves, AEW's future and how WWE feels about AEW. He explained, "They know exactly what is going on, they have the daily social media reports, the analytics, the demographics, I know we had 200 thousand Google searches, that's up there with NFL numbers." Jericho added that even if no one in WWE says anything about AEW (and they already did when Sami Zayn dropped their name), "I'm sure they are watching, and they are not very happy with what happened.

What This Means

Some people will say WWE should ignore their rival promotion. Others suggest that knowing what you're dealing with, greeting it head on and talking about it is the best way to go. One thing seems certain, the more WWE and AEW talk about each other, the more entertaining it is for fans.

HHH recently did a conference media call for NXT Takeover 25 and said he doesn't even think about it. We do know someone is.

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