Christian Offers Advice To Wrestlers Looking To Make The Move To AEW

Former WWE star Christian has some great advice for wrestlers looking to make the switch to AEW.

The new promotion, headed by brothers Shahid and Tony Khan, also controlled by the likes of Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, is looking to make a real splash and they definitely have the attention of the wrestling world.

Having secured big names such as Omega, Chris Jericho and PAC (formerly known as Neville), among others, AEW is also very likely to sign Dean Ambrose at some point.

The WWE has announced that The Lunatic will be leaving them when his contract expires in April. But they are still looking to convince him he should stay, according to reports.

Christian, meanwhile, was forced to retire from professional wrestling in 2014 following a concussion. He advises that performers considering AEW simply need to have the confidence and belief that their talent could take them through anything.


“I would say… I would never want to steer anyone in a certain direction," he said in a recent interview with talkSPORT's Will Gavin. "If they asked me for certain advice I would tell them. I would put it on myself.

"What I needed to do was I needed to take a chance on myself. I needed to bet on myself. And if you’re willing to bet on yourself then sometimes it works out and if you believe in yourself and your abilities that will be the case.”

The future WWE Hall of Famer previously revealed having met with one of AEW's owners, claiming that the 36-year-old, who also co-owns the Jacksonville Jaguars, is probably a bigger wrestling fan than he is of football.

“Well, I’ve met [Tony Khan] a few times,” he said last month. “I met him, strangely enough, through Chris Nowinski, actually. And, yeah, I had a little meal with Chris Nowinski and Chris brought him and he was telling me about stuff in matches that I had that I don’t even remember happening.

“I mean, that’s how big of a fan he is and he just wanted to talk to me about wrestling. And I was kind of more interested in the football side of it, so I was talking to him about football and he kept trying to switch the subject back to wrestling, and I kept trying to switch it back to football.

“Anyways, at one point in the conversation, I tried to talk him into firing his GM and hiring me as the General Manager of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yeah.”

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What This Means

The AEW will look a huge statement given that they will be competing with the WWE in an arena the latter has dominated for decades. It would probably mean that standards will be higher and challenges will be more difficult than what wrestlers might be used to.

If things work out and this new promotion does blow up, though, it could probably turn out to be the decision of a lifetime for quite a few of them.


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