Christian & Edge (Weirdly) Name The Sweatiest Superstars They've Been In A Ring With

Former WWE superstars Christian and Edge weirdly discussed the sweatiest wrestlers they've had to work with during their time with the company.

For some reason, the erstwhile tag partners were asked about some of the most lubricated colleagues they've been in a ring with during an episode of the E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness and, as you'd expect, Mark Henry's name would come up.

Shane McMahon was also mentioned, so we now have some insight into why he's wearing more T-shirts as of late.

“Yeah, Shane’s sweaty," Christian said (h/t 411Mania). "But when you get out there underneath those lights and you’re wearing leather jackets and stuff, I’m not gonna lie. It’s f***ing hot. You get moist very very quickly. You start pitting right away, you get the back sweats, you sweat. [Edge: But why ‘moist’?] Because that’s what it is. That’s what happens when the water comes out of your pores.”

Going on to name the sweatiest-ever in his book, Henry and Eric Young took the prize.

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“Eric Young. Eric Young was a pretty sweaty guy," Christian continued. "Mark Henry’s pretty sweaty. Whenever I wrestled Mark, whenever I’d hit him with a chop or I’d punch him and he did that hair flick and you’d just see all that…it was a good visual.”

“Yeah, I was gonna say Mark Henry," Edge chimed in. "And I remember man, bless his heart, Dustin [Rhodes] with that full body PVC [suit]. Man I felt so bad for him in that thing because you could…I remember working him and seeing him turn his head and steam coming out of it.

"You talk about it being hot out there in jeans and a jacket, well imagine a PVC suit that doesn’t breathe at all. And I literally saw like…you know when you’re sweating pretty good and you’re in one of those like, old arenas, and you can see the steam coming off you, right? Well it came out of his suit. It was crazy.”

We don't know why this had to come up, but we don't hate that it did. Sweat's a part of the business, aye.

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