X-Pac Says CM Punk Could Appear At Cody Rhodes' 'All-In' Show

There are many in the WWE Universe waiting for CM Punk to make a return to the squared-circle. The odds of that happening, especially if you listen to CM Punk, are slim to none.  Yet, one person seems to think it's not out the realm of possibility.

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman commented on his X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast that he could see CM Punk appearing at the Cody Rhodes’ “All-In” event under a certain set of circumstances. This is not to say he thinks CM Punk will appear, but that he believes, if there was ever an event Punk might show, and if the event were in Chicago, this would be the event that would peak Punk's interest.

Waltman said, “I think he [CM Punk] would, I honestly think he would if it was something that was a big deal…that he could be apart of that’s gonna be packed and that he could be like ‘Yeah, I helped out, I am the reason this thing’s full.’”

Waltman's take is an interesting one, suggesting a couple things. First, it seems to suggest that CM Punk would only appear if he was the center of the show and could take credit for its success. It's hard to tell if Waltman meant that as a compliment or a dig at the former WWE Champion.

Second, it has to be assumed that the Cody Rhodes self-funded event probably wouldn't be paying huge money to the wrestlers on the card. If that assumption is correct, Punk would need to be willing to forgo a large paycheck to make his wrestling return. Since Punk seems to be done with the wrestling business, neither seem realistic.  Punk's return to wrestling, if it ever happened, would likely come with a hefty paycheck.

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That said, what if Punk was only done with the WWE and not the wrestling business in general? Punk's MMA career has not been near the success he'd have hoped and a return to wrestling might not be out the question. He'd be a huge draw for fans and a number of promotions would love to bring him in. Should he want to stick it to the WWE, a show like Cody Rhodes' event would be a good opportunity to do so.


One thing to remember in all of this is that Waltman is known to have some interesting opinions and this sounds very much like a take on something that will likely never happen. If it did, it would be huge for wrestling and even bigger for Cody Rhodes.

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