Massive Former WWE Star Confirmed For Starrcast III

CM Punk has been confirmed as the most recent signing to appear at Starrcast III which will be taking place at the end of August. Cue the speculation.

This announcement could wind up being one of the coolest things to happen this summer and the opening to Punk showing up at AEW's All Out, or a number of fans who are now going to expect him to be at the PPV will be disappointed.

Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso broke the news that none other than CM Punk will be at August's Starrcast III. A report Starrcast then later tweeted and Punk himself confirmed. He'll be on-site to signing autographs but Starrcast has scheduled a one-on-one interview with the former WWE and UFC competitor, which at the very least will be full of audio and video nuggets the wrestling world will be tuning into.

When comments flooded in and people posted .gifs and photos of the wrestling world being on fire or Vince McMahon having a heart attack, one Twitter follower merely said that a lot of fans are going to be happy. Punk responded with, "That's the plan!"

What This Means

That fan is absolutely right. For the wrestling community that has been waiting, for what feels like ages, to see Punk return to wrestling, this Starrcast III event is about as close as he's come to date. AEW's presentation of All Out is on the same weekend and in the same neighbourhood so people will speculate but it doesn't matter.

Whether Punk shows at AEW or not, it's just awesome to have him back inside the wrestling circle where he hinted he might never be.

But, we can look forward to the next month and change being all talk about Punk showing up in AEW, regardless of what he says about the promotion or All Out. 

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