CM Punk Has Incident With Fan While Commentating MMA Bout [Video]

Never out of the spotlight, in a recent video on YouTube, CM Punk can be heard getting into an altercation with a fan while calling an MMA event.

Even when Punk isn't really part of the show, he's part of the show. At the recent Cage Fury Fighting Championships 77, which took place last night at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, CM Punk got into it with a fan. Punk does commentary for the promotion and at the end of a bout, while the winner was being announced, Punk ended up having to deal with a vocal fan who got a bit too close to the action.

In the video below, you can hear Punk "giving it" to the fan. ** Warning: there is some language not suitable for everyone. 

Speculation is that the fan got closer and closer to the cage because he was unhappy with the referee fight stoppage that saw the fight between Christopher Daukaus and Danny Holmes come to a quick end. You can hear Punk say, "Bro, you need to back the f--- up! You need to get the—"

Punk then takes his headset off as he deals with the fan and you can then hear Punk's broadcast partner on commentary say, "Well, a minor situation developing here." He adds, "There was a gentleman that was right on the back of my broadcast partner here, and looks like he's potentially being escorted out of the building."

What This Means

Whether he's part of the UFC or he's surrounded by rumors of a return to wrestling, CM Punk is never far from the thoughts and minds of fight and sports entertainment fans. He's complained that he never talks about either but that both industries like to talk about him.

When you're in the middle of things like this, it can't be a surprise as to why.

Punk will next be seen by wrestling fans at Starrcast III which will take place in Chicago on the weekend of August 31st with rumors of a potential debut at AEW's All Out pay-per-view.

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