CM Punk Reveals That A Dream Match With Stone Cold Almost Happened

CM Punk's interview at Starrcast III was incredibly telling, but the highlight was the revelation that he almost goaded Stone Cold out of retirement.

Aside from All Out and NXT UK TakeOver, the biggest event this weekend took place at Starrcast III. The (sort of) return to wrestling of CM Punk. Conrad Thompson somehow managed to convince Punk to attend the event in his hometown and take part in an on-stage interview, during which he discussed a lot about his time between the ropes.

One of the highlights of the interview was Punk discussing a time when he thought he had managed to convince Stone Cold to compete in a match against him. It all started when Punk asked Austin to come to the ring and give him, The Miz, and Sheamus stunners during a dark segment. To Punk's surprise, Austin agreed, and you can check the moment out for yourself below.

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Probably quite rightly believing that was the moment Austin took a liking to Punk, the former WWE Champion decided to see how far he could push The Texas Rattlesnake. "That's when I started prying and being like, 'Let's work this match motherf***er, let's go!'," Punk revealed. He even admitted that for a time, it actually seemed as if the match was going to happen.

"There was a sliver of time where it was going to happen, and then the next minute it didn't," Punk explained. A real shame, as when fans discuss potential dream matches, Punk versus Austin is one at the top of many lists. It had been eight years since Austin had wrestled his retirement match at the time. Another eight years later, and the Hall of Famer still hasn't wrestled another match.

Despite not getting his dream match, Punk's 2011 in WWE wasn't exactly all bad. It wasn't long after his stunner from Austin that his WWE contract was up for renewal. That real-life element led to perhaps the most memorable rivalry of Punk's WWE career. The one during which The Second City Saint defeated John Cena for the WWE Title at Money In The Bank and then left with the championship.

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