Cody and Brandi Rhodes Talk What Fans Can Expect On AEW TV

After announcing AEW's new tv deal with WarnerMedia and TNT, Cody and Brandi Rhodes spoke about some of the details fans can expect when AEW airs.

TNT revealed on social media early Wednesday "we're back in the wrestling business!" This was because AEW arrived at the WarnerMedia Upfronts to announce they had secured a deal with TNT to air their weekly wrestling show on the network and its B/R Live partner moving forward.

It was a busy week for AEW as they announced a number of new signings (mostly referees), their tv deal and, specifically, Cody and Brandi Rhodes stopped and spoke with a number of media who had a million questions.

During an interview with WrestlingNews.co spoke the married couple and AEW performers and execs made some interesting comments. Among them were that you wouldn't be seeing much, if any scripted promos, the women of AEW will be used regularly and pretty much all year round and that there are a lot more announcements coming.

Chief Branding Officer Brandi Rhodes spoke about the females in AEW and said that when they chose who to hire, one of the determining factors was whether or not they could handle the grind of being regular workers with AEW. She wants fans to be invested in their stories and that means using them often.

When asked if AEW will choose to be all about wrestling, entertainment, fun or what direction they might go, Cody responded that he once got good advice from Eric Bischoff in that they need to be a variety and offer a little something for everyone. He did say when asked about how few scripted promos there would be, that fans might not see any. Cody explained they hired great coaches (more are coming) but moreover if AEW chose you to be on the roster, it's because they already know what you can do. They just want to provide the platform.

What This Means

Between the statistics AEW plans to keep for wins and losses, the non-scripted promos, the bell-to-bell action and more, they will be a wrestling product, but seemingly very different than WWE.

Their press release from this morning read, "AEW offers fans less scripted, soapy drama, and more athleticism and real sports analytics." It appears they intend to focus on that. And, as Jim Ross keeps reminding everyone there... you can't be good, you have to be great.

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