Cody Rhodes Says AEW has Only Revealed 40 Percent Of Its Roster

Cody Rhodes says just 40 percent of the All Elite Wrestling roster has been revealed.

The new promotion has hosted three impressive shows so far and, while there are big names such as the likes of Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega on the roster, there are many little-known wrestlers as well (or at least they were before the PPVs).

According to the AEW website, there are 36 men and 11 women on the roster. Wikipedia says it's 38 and 12 but, whatever, it's close enough. The company also recently announced the signings of Marko Stunt and Orange Cassidy, who aren't yet listed on their website (Wikipedia's looking pretty good right now).

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If Rhodes is correct, then we'd have to assume that there are more than 100 wrestlers on the roster if the 50 we already know counts as 40 percent.

The AEW executive vice president engaged a fan on Twitter over the weekend and stated as much.

"We’ve revealed about 40% of the roster," he wrote. "Sometimes it’s better to let the painter paint and then judge the picture."

Of course, it wouldn't surprise anyone who's been paying attention if AEW does indeed boast over 100 wrestlers on its roster. Tony Khan and Co. had quite enough time to sign loads of talent before the first PPV and likely hasn't shown his entire hand.

We can expect some surprises when the promotion kicks off on TNT in October, plus there's still more to come this month, with All Out taking place on August 31.

Still, over 100 wrestlers seems a bit much given that they're only going to be on TV for two hours. It could leave their writers with a major headache having to come up with storylines for that many people every few weeks.

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