Cody Rhodes Says AEW Will Cover 100% Of Its Wrestlers' Injury Expenses

Cody Rhodes has confirmed that AEW will be taking care of any costs brought about by the company's wrestlers getting injured in the ring.

The new wrestling promotion made some huge announcements this week, revealing a television deal with TNT and the hiring of two big-name referees in Earl Hebner and Paul Turner.

Since then, there's been a lot coming from Rhodes and Tony Khan. And, in a lengthy piece by Bleacher Report, the former declared that the new company will "100 percent cover" any in-ring injuries suffered by wrestlers.

The former WWE star also commented on the John Oliver segment on wrestling and unions, claiming that AEW has raised the pay floor, which does help in the upkeep and wellbeing of performers.

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"When I said a union would kill wrestling, I was specifically talking about your mom-and-pop indies that can't afford an ambulance to come to the building," he said. "There's a lot of people who saw the story John Oliver did and immediately called for a union or better care for their wrestlers. Better care is paramount, and one of the first ways you do that is raise the pay floor, which we've done.

"At AEW, our contracts aren't blanket contracts. There are several wrestlers outside the EVP element that are going to receive benefits and health care. That's a first for wrestling, and these are slow and steady steps and I'm super proud. But it can't happen overnight. That's what I should have said all along."

"[AEW will] 100 percent cover any injuries sustained in the ring, as well as the rehab and recovery," he added. "We're not gonna have a PayPal fund going around for somebody who gets hurt. You know me. You've seen my smile. I am above board."

What This Means

It appears that AEW is looking to cover all bases as they anticipate the successful launch of a company expected to rival WWE.

It has already been confirmed that there'll be no room for scripted promos during shows, while a not very PG viewing has been promised as well. So, could you guys just hurry now?

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