Cody Rhodes Reveals If 'All In' Will Be Televised

The Bullet Club are still one of the hottest factions in the wrestling world as their T-Shirt sales prove that. After getting a deal with Hot Topic, they’ve sold more shirts than likely any independent wrestlers in a short amount of time, and they’re using all that extra merch money to self fund their own wrestling show, as you may have heard. That show is called ‘All In’, and it will be happening on September 1st this year. The confirmed participants at this show are Tessa Blanchard and the cast of Being The Elite, and although we haven’t heard much else, we all expect it to be a fantastic show.

We have yet to even hear about the location of the show, so there is still plenty to learn, and fans are very eager to get those details, so when a fan tweeted Cody Rhodes asking if the show will be televised, he gave us this response;

Those ticket sales will begin soon, when the location and other competitors are announced (we’ve already seen CM Punk tease wrestling fans with tweets over the past few days). That will no doubt have an effect on ticket sales, which may lead to this event being televised in the United States. It’s highly unlikely that this will be televised worldwide, although we may see it on streaming services such as HonorClub. But no matter what, this NEEDS to be available in a live capacity somehow for fans around the world (YouTube, Honor Club, anywhere), because it will no doubt be a huge event, especially if they do get CM Punk.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited for the show? Are you going to try and get tickets? Do you think it will be televised or put on Honor Club? Let us know all your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.


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