Cody Rhodes Discusses the Use Of Blood In AEW

All Elite Wrestling star Cody Rhodes has given some insight into the role blood will play in the new promotion.

It was pretty hard to miss Dustin Rhodes' bloodied face during the brothers' fight at Double or Nothing last month and, at one point, Cody purposely rubbed his sibling's blood across his chest.

Dustin described the amount of body fluid that escaped his wound during the match as "scary" during an appearance on Chris Jericho's Talk is Jericho podcast. And, in a recent interview with Comicbook.com, the younger brother explained that wrestling should be held to the same standard as movies because it's basically entertainment.

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“Well, this is a bigger conversation but I’ll bring it up," he said. "Wrestling fans and wrestling analysts have debated how they analyze wrestling. Do they analyze it as sport or do they analyze it as entertainment? I’m not going to tell you which it is because everyone should already know which it is. Which means we should be held to the same standard that Hollywood, that movies, that TV, that Broadway [are].

"I don’t mean to sound pretentious in saying that but we should be held to those same standards. When it comes to violence in our industry, when it comes to blood, when it comes to those things it should never be a topic but I love that it is and I understand why. But when it comes up it just … You’ve got to pick a lane. If that makes any sense…

“This isn’t ballet, in terms of the physical side of it. It can get rather hairy and I did not anticipate the amount of blood, but if you’re looking for violence and physical storytelling that’s a big part of what AEW is going to bring. There’s not any guidelines to how our pay-per-views are going to be. They’re treated as a sport-centric product. You can see it in the NBA Finals, somebody gets their eye busted. You see it in boxing, somebody gets a hematoma on their forehead. It happens and it will happen at AEW.”

Cody's comments on the matter weren't all that clear as it relates to blading and whether or not it will be a common practice among AEW wrestlers. But he did hint that we could see red a little more than we've become used to watching WWE in the PG Era.

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