Cody Rhodes Tweet Defends ‘Annoying’ Crowds Crowds In The Best Way

Cody Rhodes explains what wrestlers are supposed to do when it comes to fan reactions and also explained why crowds are never wrong.

The 21st-century wrestling fan can be a strange character. Crowds today are certainly far removed from those who used to attend events and watch wrestling shows 30 years ago. Before the internet and social media, fans were unaware of surprise returns and all of the ins and outs of the business. Some even believed that what they were watching wasn't staged or pre-determined.

Nowadays that's not the case. Shocking or surprising fans is almost impossible, and only the likes of Chris Jericho seem to have the patience and the know-how to be able to pull it off. With platforms such as Twitter allowing fans to voice their opinion like never before, to the wrestlers themselves in most cases, it makes for a very different era.


You'll likely find most of today's wrestlers complaining about the way fans act or react to what they're doing in the ring, but not Cody Rhodes. A fan said on Twitter that crowds are the problem because they "think they're awesome." The NWA Champion replied that actually, in his opinion, the crowd is "never the problem" and that all they are supposed to do is have a good time.

"They could have 1,000 beach balls or not boo the individual they’re 'supposed' to," Rhodes wrote adding "it’s our job to find out how to engage them and keep engaging them." It's actually a great point to make and one that some of his peers should take note of. You can't tell fans what to like or what to do, to an extent. If they're so bored that they start playing with beach balls then it means the action in the ring isn't interesting them.

Rhodes might not be with WWE right now but despite the company's success, it should take note of what he is saying. Fans aren't just throwing beach balls at WWE events but some are even getting up and leaving early because they have no interest in what they're seeing. When that happens it's time to take the blame and change up what you're offering no matter how much your TV deals might be worth.


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