Cody Rhodes Takes Triple H’s Moniker As ROH & NJPW Sells Out MSG

The Apr. 6 2019 Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling show at Madison Square Garden in New York has already sold out, and the news allowed Cody Rhodes took the chance to introduce his new moniker.

Rhodes is known for giving himself many special nicknames and monikers. Just last year, he called himself "the biggest damn draw in this entire industry." Now, he's stealing a nickname from Triple H, one of the most influential wrestlers and power figures in the WWE.

This is the first time where both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling put on a show at Madison Square Garden, widely regarded as the world's most famous arena. The fact it's a non-WWE show and still a sellout is nothing short of remarkable, and Rhodes certainly played a huge part in it.


It's possible that Rhodes is referring to himself as "The Game," due to Triple H's long history at MSG. Let's not forget the infamous and controversial 'Curtain Call' incident in 1996, where he and Shawn Michaels broke character to bid Kliq pals Kevin Nash and Scott Hall farewell as they departed for WCW.

On top of that, Triple H made an infamous return to MSG on the Jan. 7, 2002 episode of Monday Night Raw, after being sidelined for eight months following a gruesome career-threatening quadriceps injury. He also competed in the main event of WrestleMania XX, which was also held at MSG.

Rhodes has been a major draw for both NJPW and ROH since leaving the WWE in 2016. The son of Hall of Famer Dusty never got his big break in WWE, and Rhodes was wise to move on and find massive success elsewhere.

Rhodes has helped put ROH on the map ever since, becoming their biggest main event superstar. Thus, he's probably earned the right to call himself The Game, especially after getting a show sold out at MSG.


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