Cody Rhodes Says He Won't "Let" This Performer Wrestle Anywhere But AEW

Cody Rhodes recently spoke about the possibility of Arrow star Stephen Amell wrestling in AEW and suggest if he wrestles anywhere it will be in AEW.

AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes recently spoke with The Apter Chat about a number of things AEW. From the next PPV to the promotion's new show on TNT, Rhodes covered it all. When it came to  Arrow star, Stephen Amell, Cody said he thought Amell had one more match left in him.

Amell is close friends Cody and the members of The Elite. He wrestled at the first All-In event and is now done with the Arrow show, having wrapped up his final season last month. When the topic of Amell joining AEW came up, Rhodes said, "He's had a few matches and earned the respect of a rather critical fanbase: the wrestling one. I'm just glad I get to see him go out [in the show] on such a high note. I can't wait to see what he does next."

While Cody says he doesn't think Amell's wife would be keen on him stepping back into a ring again, Rhodes explained he'd be safe in AEW and that he wasn't "going to let him wrestle anywhere else. He's kind of involved, he's part of the fabrics."

What This Means

Is Stephen Amell headed to AEW? Maybe, but probably not. Just because he's leaving the show Arrow doesn't necessarily mean that he's done acting and ready to become a professional wrestler. If anything, he might make an appearance at All Out of another upcoming pay-per-view. It's not expected he's going to do much besides look for more acting work.

That said, if Amell does show up in a wrestling company, it won't be anywhere except AEW. A friend with Rhodes and with a sizeable expense account to get someone like Amell to make an appearance, fans would be shocked if she showed up somewhere else.

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