Cody Rhodes Says WWE's UK TV Deal Sucks Compared To AEW's

Cody Rhodes took a few shots at WWE ahead of AEW's big weekend, claiming that the latter's UK TV deal is way better.

It has been confirmed that ITV 4 will be the home of AEW in the UK and the new company is likely to reach a lot more televisions as the channel is free across the country and is available in nearly 27 million homes. WWE, on the other hand, is ending its relationship with Sky and is moving to BT Sport, which will put it in 2.19 million homes at most.

This does seem like a much better deal and Cody did not shy away from proclaiming that during his Starrcast II meet and greet in Las Vegas on Thursday.

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“I’m just gonna - I’m gonna let you guys know, WWE’s TV deal in the United Kingdom SUCKS compared to ours," he declared. "And we haven’t had a single show!”

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The AEW vice president would also take a shot at newly crowned SmackDown women's champion Bayley, who is often compared to AEW's "Smiley" Kylie Rae.

While hyping Kylie up, Cody went all in on Bayley. “And she [Kylie Rae]’s not like, wacky inflatable tube men, pretending to be nice,” he spat.

He would later tweet that he thinks Bayley is awesome and meant no harm by the comment but what's done is done, the match has been lit.

What This Means

It appears as if AEW is looking to go in on WWE as quickly as it possibly can. There's no doubt that this new company wants the top spot but Cody's made it pretty clear that this is going to be a war.

Dethroning WWE as wrestling's top brand will be no easy feat and it's likely to take some time. But they're certainly going to try, starting with Double or Nothing this Saturday.

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