Cody Rhodes Share Tons Of AEW Secrets In Revealing Interview

Cody Rhodes sat down with YouTube wrestling interviewer Chris van Vliet and shared a variety of potential secrets that AEW fans will love.

While in Florida, van Vliet — who is becoming quite popular for getting big interviews with wrestlers — sat down with Cody just prior to the weekend AEW would present its first PPV, Double or Nothing. Rhodes wasn't shy about sharing a number of nuggets that may not have been public knowledge up to that point.

The two talked everything from the upcoming PPV to their new weekly show, pyro, Cody's new role as an executive and more.

Cody explained that AEW intends to not have a home base for their weekly tv show, but will instead travel and create a live show each week that will air for two hours on TNT. The promotion is going "All-In" on the concept of live events to tv and will bring top-level performers and ideas forward every show.

As far as Double or Nothing goes, he says there will be plenty of surprises, the new title will be revealed, there will be pyro and his match with Dustin might be his brother's last match ever.

Cody admitted when asked about his relationship with WWE that he's probably not beloved, even though he figures they might have been on good terms. He added, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" when talking about the new 24/7 Championship but it was clear he was not a fan of the belt.

He talked about the concept of wins and losses, balancing his executive workload with wrestling and even hinted that as time goes by, he may not wrestle because he loves his "job" as an exec so much. For now, he's young and is managing, but he's shocked by how into the idea of having an office and being creative he is. The collaboration process is addicting.

What This Means

This is a major transition period for Cody. While AEW is set to make history, there are hints here that he's developing a love for the business in ways he never expected and that it might lead to ideas he didn't see coming.

He did admit that when he left WWE, he had 10 ideas of where he saw himself and what he's doing now wasn't one of them. Still, he's excited and believes what fans will watch on Saturday will be the best wrestling show in history.

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