Cody Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears Has Been Officially Added To All Out

Cody Rhodes has been patiently waiting to get his hands on Shawn Spears. He will finally get his chance at All Out.

This week, most of the big AEW headlines have been focused around the first episode of its weekly TV show. We now know when it will air, some of the matches that will take place, and tickets for the show are on sale. However, long before that milestone show takes place, we have the extremely significant All Out to look forward to.

We already know a couple of the big matches that will take place at All Out. Kenny Omega versus Jon Moxley, and Chris Jericho versus Hangman Page to crown AEW's first World Champion. AEW has now announced what Cody Rhodes will be doing when the fledgling company heads to Chicago. The EVP will finally get his hands on Shawn Spears.

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The animosity between Rhodes and Spears started when the latter attacked the former at Fyter Fest. The chair shot heard around the world due to how brutal it looked. Spears clocked Rhodes around the head with the chair, leaving the former ROH Champion needing ten staples in the back of his head to close up the wound. That one segment effectively turned Spears into AEW's first big heel.

Due to the fact AEW doesn't have a weekly show yet (see above) it hasn't had the chance to build to this match as much as it probably would have liked. Nevertheless, it's official now, even though we all knew the two were ultimately going to clash at All Out already. AEW announced the match via Twitter on Thursday, and Rhodes simply replied with "Chicago. It's official now."

Spears' reactions to the match have been much wordier. The man formerly known as Tye Dillinger posted a pic of himself with "great hand" written repeatedly over his body. It's Rhodes referring to him as a great hand that apparently prompted Spears to attack him at Fyter Fest. He also wrote in a follow-up tweet that Rhodes and everyone else will be eating their words come August 31. We're certainly looking forward to this one, almost as much as we're dying to see Omega versus Moxley on the very same night.

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