Cody Sent A Very Unsubtle Message To WWE & Triple H At Double Or Nothing

Before Cody went to war with his brother at Double Or Nothing, he sent a very strong visual message to Triple H.

In the build to Double Or Nothing, AEW wrestler Chris Jericho stated that WWE and AEW are about to be in a war whether they like it or not. On top of that, regardless of how much either side denies it, both continue to acknowledge one another. Whether it be Triple H throwing an insult AEW's way during his Hall Of Fame speech or Cody taking shots at WWE's UK TV deal.

Speaking of Triple H, The Game is known for pretty elaborate entrances, particularly at WrestleMania. Turns out Cody is a big fan of that himself as he proved at Double Or Nothing. That would not be the first thinly veiled shot he'd take at Triple H on Saturday night. A throne that bore a remarkable resemblance to something WWE's COO would include in one of his own entrances stood at the top of the entrance way.


If all of that wasn't enough symbolism for you, then came the final blow, literally. Brandi Rhodes reached under the ring and pulled out a sledgehammer. A weapon synonymous with Triple H and Triple H only, at least in the wrestling business. After handing it to Cody, The American Nightmare proceeded to approach the throne and break it using the sledgehammer.

If that's not shots fired then we really don't know what is. Plus, the announce team referred to Cody as The Thronebreaker after his sledgehammer shot. We certainly hope that's a nickname which sticks. As for Cody's match, at the time of typing this, the show isn't over, but Cody versus Dustin might well be match of the night. A bloodbath that ended in a Cody win after he went to war with his older brother.

While the smashing of the throne was an overt shot at WWE, the match between Cody and Dustin might have been a much more fitting one. The fans wanted an epic match between the two to happen years ago, but WWE gave us a watered down version. This is the match the two of them were capable of and the one they deserved. More fool WWE for passing on the opportunity for it to happen under their roof.


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