Colt Cabana's Art Of Wrestling Is Coming To An End After 9 Years

Colt Cabana is bringing the curtain down on his Art Of Wrestling podcast, almost nine years to the day that the very first episode aired.

When something is great and hence becomes popular, its market can quickly become flooded with imitations and homages. There is no better example of that than the wrestling podcast business. There are so many wrestling podcasts out there that it is quite literally impossible to listen to all of them. There simply aren't enough hours in the day.

So how did this massively popular trend get started? Well, that's hard to pinpoint. However, many fans would argue that Colt Cabana really got things started. In July of 2010, the indie wrestler/former WWE Superstar started his Art Of Wrestling podcast. Stone Cold, who has also been in the podcast game for a while, admitted that Cabana's offering was partly why he got involved in the industry.

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Nine years later, almost to the day, Cabana has announced via his podcast that AOW is coming to an end. He admits that the pressure of having to record conversations while he's on the road has gotten too much, and that needing to do so is always on the back of his mind and clearly has been for almost a decade.

Before AOW's format changed to a diary so Cabana could record his on-the-road exploits, it had a one-on-one interview format. Pretty much anyone who's anyone in the wrestling business has been a guest on the show including the late, great Bruno Sammartino and, of course, CM Punk. The most famous AOW episode was when Punk made an appearance to tell all about his time with WWE and why he up and left the company.

As for what will become of AOW, don't go unsubscribing from its feed just yet. Cabana is about to head out to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and some of his shows from there will be turned into podcasts. In fact, due to sponsor obligations, he will still be podcasting until the end of the year, at which point he will be conducting an AMA for what will presumably be AOW's final episode.

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