Conor McGregor Arrested, Leaves Police Station In Handcuffs

Conor McGregor may finally be in hot water for his actions. After spending the night in a 78th Precinct lockup, he was escorted by police to a black vehicle that was waiting to take him to his next destination before presumably going before a judge to answer for his actions on Thursday.

McGregor and a group of his entourage stormed the Barclays Center, attacked vehicles and injured a number of fighters, forcing UFC to alter the UFC 223 card and scrap the main event. McGregor has been charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief.

UFC president Dana White told ESPN's "Get Up" morning program that he isn't going to help McGregor out or come to his aid after his actions were among the most disgusting things White had ever seen. White explained, "Normally, yes – I would dive right in and do everything in my power to help one of my guys. But not in this situation. He came into the Barclays Center, attacked our fighters, and attacked my staff with a bunch of guys – no. You don't get my help on this one."

What happens next with McGregor is uknown and how much trouble he could get into is uncertain. He is in custody at the where he's expected to be charged with assault.What is also clear is that the card for UFC 223 is now quite different than it was just days ago.

Lightweight Michael Chiesa, who received several facial cuts, was deemed unfit to fight by the New York State Athletic Commission, Flyweight Ray Borg was also deemed unfit to fight due to multiple corneal abrasions, and Artem Lobov was kicked off the card due to Lobov's involvement in the incident. Still, White says it's not so much about the card here as the bigger picture in that McGregor may be a convicted felon when this is all said and done.


While some suggested this might have been a stunt to get more eyeballs on the UFC 223 event, it appears to have gone well beyond that point and the trouble here is real.


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