Corey Graves Leaving Twitter After Negativity Over Velveteen Dream Tweet

WWE announcer Corey Graves says he'll be leaving Twitter after responses from a tweet about Velveteen Dream during Sunday's Half Time Heat. Speaking of heat, Graves took a lot of it after posting "Tell me again why @VelveteenWWE  isn't on Raw or SD Live yet?"

The second he sent that tweet, fans went crazy over the idea assuming Vince McMahon would absolutely ruin Velveteen Dream if called up to the main roster. With the history of NXT stars getting promoted but failing to really shine in the WWE on one of the two main flagship shows, there is hesitation these days about calling up some of NXT's hottest and newest stars. For example, Tomasso Ciampa has said he has no desire to be called up which speaks loudly to concern among the talent that a promotion might not actually be a promotion.

Graves obviously meant to compliment Dream but his twitter post was flooded with negativity about the main roster approach to handling call-ups. He then responded to the other 400 comments by saying, "Wow. The internet sure has an amazing way of turning a compliment into something negative. I shouldn’t be surprised, but for some reason, I still am." That comment was also then hit with a ton of responses from fans suggesting Graves simply didn't understand the concern for a talent like Velveteen Dream.

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Graves then wrote, "Dear , I apologize. You should NEVER aspire to take your talents to the global stage, or the money that comes with it. The internet has taught me that it’s bad for you. Sincere apologies, Graves." When his sarcasm didn't work, Graves finally said, "I have spent a great deal of time learning to remove unnecessary negativity from my life, lately. And I’ve fallen back into it with Twitter. The fault is mine, and I know how to solve it. So, I bid you all adieu.  (Feel free to fight amongst yourselves.)"

What This Means

We all know Graves isn't actually going to leave Twitter for good. While he might stay off of the platform for a while, it's too large a forum for him to create controversy and promote his work.

That said, this debate between Graves and the fans poses an interesting question. How should WWE and NXT talent handle the fact that they can make a lot more money getting called up to the main roster, but there's also a very good chance they'll get lost in the shuffle based on the history of NXT call-ups?

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