Corey Graves Completely Owns Fan Who Tries To Insult Him

It comes with the territory that as a public figure, performer or, in this case, WWE announcer, not everyone will love what you do. Such was the case recently when up-and-coming Raw and SmackDown Live announcer Corey Graves got the gears from a fan who wasn't a huge fan of his work.

The reality is, this fan is in the minority. Graves has quickly risen up the ranks of the WWE announce crew, now the only announcer to be featured on Raw and SmackDown Live. He started in NXT after concussion issues forced him to retire from in-ring competition and has been promoted internally on a regular basis due to his natural ability to pick up the craft, his sharp wit and his knowledge of all things WWE. Still, people are entitled to their opinion and Twitter user @McDealWithIt decided to let Graves know he was not like most fans who loved the announcers work each week.

Among other things, McNeill said, "The most terrifying thing I've ever watched is the 5 hours of televised programming that you deficate all over every week."

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The criticism seems harsh, even for someone who didn't like Graves' work but, in many cases, that's what Twitter is. A social media platform that allows users to blast others without much in the way of consequence or repercussion. In this case, however, McNeill did get a bit of his own medicine.

One of the skills Graves possesses is a quick wit and the ability to lash out a comeback faster than almost any announcer or talent in WWE. It's what makes him a natural as an announcer. His wit was on full display when he decided to respond to his critic's tweet.

Graves took a moment to reply, saying, "I’m terribly sorry that your parents didn’t love you enough. Here is some of the attention you so desperately seek. (Just make sure you send me a card on Father’s Day.) And the word is ‘defecate,’ son."


I suppose the lesson here is two-fold. If you're going to criticize someone, best to pick on someone that doesn't have the personality or skill to fire back twice as hard. Second, if you're going to insult someone, best you spell your insults properly. If not, you're just giving ammunition to your target with ready-made material to let you have it.

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