Cris Cyborg Sends Disrespectful Message to Ronda Rousey On Social Media

Proving some beefs between MMA stars will never die, Cris Cyborg took an indirect shot at Ronda Rousey today on social media.

UFC fighter Cris Cyborg tweeted "Meet the People's Champ Cris Cyborg Justino in Las Vegas Memorial Weekend for Starrcast." The quote hits on multiple levels suggesting Rousey is not a fan favorite and Cyborg would be, while posting a photo that is sure to get under Rousey's skin.

Both former UFC fighters, Rousey is now the current Raw Women’s Champion. She and Cyborg are not exactly on the best of terms. It is assumed this is because Cyborg wanted into WWE, WWE was interested as well and speculation is Rousey threatened to leave if Cyborg was hired. As such, any idea of Cris Cyborg to WWE went away.

That hasn’t stopped Cyborg from wanting to pursue something with WWE and every once and a while, she drops a hint that she’s not forgotten about the current WrestleMania main-eventer. Now part of Starrcast, Cyborg is probably going to have a number of opportunities in wrestling if she wants it, including with AEW. Those opportunities just won't come at the same place Rousey works.

Cyborg should be given some points for creativity here. Her shot at Rousey comes with a photo of now-famous Rousey getting kneed by Charlotte in the go-home to WrestleMania Raw. The only difference is, Cyborg is now in the picture and Flair was photoshopped out. It's a pretty good quality image that would look real if you weren't a huge wrestling fan and didn't already know better. The knee has become a meme and viral moment and Cyborg made it her own.

What This Means

It will be interesting to see if Rousey responds. She’s often quick to do so on social media and we can almost all expect Becky Lynch to get in on the action. An opportunity like this will be just too much for The Man to resist.

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