Cris Cyborg Trying Interesting Tactic To Get Noticed By WWE

Cris Cyborg seems to be taking an interesting approach to try and get noticed by WWE. Will it work? Without Ronda Rousey around, maybe WWE tries something and this could be the right timing for the former UFC fighter.

Cyborg tweeted out a picture of herself holding the Money In The Bank briefcase along with what translates from Spanish as “I want Becky Lynch.” She didn't just post the photo, but she specifically tagged Paul Heyman in the hopes that he might have some pull and "make it happen."

There has been no response from WWE but there has been rumored interest from their end, an interest that was always seemingly squashed by Rousey who wants nothing to do with Cyborg.

Speculation was that Rousey has told WWE that if they consider Cyborg, she'll leave. But, with Rousey now on the shelf with an injury and taking time off to start a family, perhaps there is a short-term opportunity here if WWE believes Cyborg can draw in viewers.

With the ratings taking a hit for WWE recently and with rumors they are trying all sorts of things to remedy that fact, perhaps WWE decides that this is the time to try this. And, for Cyborg, this is not the first time she's teased this.

The question is, can she learn the craft quick enough and does WWE believe she actually has drawing power? At least, enough that it's worth taking a gamble on someone who may not have the proper respect for the industry she's trying to work her way into?

What This Means

Cyborg's timing isn't very good. She's posting photos of the Money in the Bank briefcase but the participants for this year's match has already been set.

That she's reaching out to Heyman is also interesting. She would certainly need an advocate considering her heavy Brazilian accent. There's not better person to get her over than Heyman.

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