Current WWE Superstar Says Raw Reunion Show "Sucked"

Current WWE Superstar Sami Zayn said he thought the Raw Reunion show sucked and hopes he's hot hanging on the business like the legends who took part in Monday's show that long after he's retired.

For the most part, fans and former WWE stars loved the Raw Reunion show that took place this past Monday. One of the highest-rated episodes of Raw in almost a full year, it seemed to be a widespread success. Steve Austin suggested it should become an annual thing. But, not everyone felt the same way.

Sami Zayn took to Twitter on Tuesday and ripped on the Raw Reunion show calling it a joke and hoped someone would punch him in the face if he was still “hanging on to this business” after he decides to walk away from the ring.

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Part of Zayn's character is meant to stir the pot by saying controversial things. Until the "Electric Chair" segment where he blurted out the name AEW, Zayn was in the midst of a sizeable push with many viewers suggesting Vince McMahon himself was speaking through him and to the WWE Universe. So, to see Zayn say something like this isn't shocking.

He said:

“#RawReunion was a joke. If I’m still hanging on to this business years after I’m done, you can punch me in the face. Like most great artists, I am vastly under-appreciated in my own time. You have me now & you’re blowing it, too busy missing “glory days” that actually sucked. -SZ”

What was interesting about this tweet is not so much that Zayn something like this, but who liked the tweet. Both Finn Balor and Sasha Banks favorited the tweet and considering Balor appears to be getting the shaft heading into his requested vacation and Sasha Banks' issues with WWE are well documented.

There has to be some cluster of the current roster who doesn't love reunion shows when they're struggling to get WWE to notice and appreciate what they offer the company now. Perhaps Zayn isn't just for Vince but for a number of the wrestlers as well.

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