Curt Hawkins' Reasoning For Wanting To Appear On Sesame Street Is Classic

Professional wrestler and WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins is an interesting story. He's like the anti-Goldberg in that, instead of going on an undefeated streak, he's done nothing but lose in WWE over the past year with his record of straight defeats will put him in uncharted territory. All the while, he's getting over with the WWE Universe and opportunities that wouldn't come to any other wrestler who loses this often are coming to him. Can Hawkins add Sesame Street to that list?

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Sesame Street is a family show that has been on public access tv for decades. The idea is to send strong messages and life lessons to kids through fun and educational programming. Hawkins thinks he would fit in perfectly and it seems to be a goal of his to get on the show.

He wrote in a recent Twitter post, "I really want to be a guest on @sesamestreet. I can help kids with dealing with defeat. It's ok as long as you keep trying." The best part is the secondary reason he wants to be on the show. "Plus, my daughter would be really impressed with me. Raw's on too late for her."

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WWE is always looking at ways to cross-promote their show and with the product being PG, kids of all ages are watching and loving WWE. Hawkins would be immediately recognizable to much of the Sesame Street audience and WWE would be silly not to have Hawkins on the show if the opportunity were there.

This is also wise of Hawkins who is effectively getting himself noticed while being the worst WWE Superstar on paper. This is the kind of thing WWE keeps around and if and when Hawkins does finally win, it could be a very big deal.

Selfishly, we want his daughter to see him on tv too. She has no idea her daddy is so bad, she just wants to see him and what cooler place to do that than Sesame Street.

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