Curt Hawkins Begged WWE To Continue Losing Streak After Being Booked To Win

Curt Hawkins is currently in the midst of a losing streak like no one has ever seen before in WWE. Beloved now for being unable to win a match, his losing streak has set him apart from other enhancement talents in the company. Unfortunately, WWE writers almost ruined it by giving him a victory. Instead of taking the win, he begged for them to change their minds.

Most WWE Superstars who lose more than they win are fairly forgettable. Not Hawkins, who because he's lost over 200 matches in a row, is now almost as popular for losing as some stars are for winning. Getting "over" for losing is not something that's easily done and Hawkins understands the value in his character's losing streak. He's not about to give it up without a fight.

Hawkins joined the Sam Roberts' Podcast to discuss the streak and what he did when WWE told him he was doing a good job and they were going to give him a win on an episode of Main Event. Saying he was unlike most superstars who might relish the chance to get a win, Hawkins said, "I had a match on Main Event against Heath Slater that I was supposed to win, but I thought, wait, hold it, no, please, no. This could be something."


Knowing that if he was going to win, after so many losses in a row. WWE needed to promote the moment. He said, "There's no sense of ending this story on Main Event." He understood it was a weird request because he knows regular wrestlers wouldn't beg to lose matches.

Hawkins said at one point he had to go to the head writer of Raw and ask if the writers knew about his losing streak. They responded yes, to which Hawkins asked if Vince knew. When he was told they weren't sure, he asked them to tell him. It was only then that the full weight of WWE marketing his losing streak was behind him.

Hawkins is smart in that he realizes, when he does finally win, it will be a huge moment and it could turn into a winning streak that will get him farther than a few wins and losses ever could have.


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