Curtis Axel Celebrates Big Milestone

Curtis Axel celebrated a pretty big milestone in terms of his pro wrestling career this week. Ten straight years with WWE.

There is a common misconception that men and women who have famous wrestling parents or other relatives are automatically going to be given more opportunities. While it's true that they will be able to get their foot in the door a little more easily than most, beyond that point they're on their own. The best example is the worlds of difference between Charlotte Flair, a terrific wrestler, and her brother David, who wasn't so good.

Being Ric Flair's child meant that there was interest in both Charlotte and David, but their Hall of Fame father couldn't get in the ring and wrestle their matches for them. There are various other examples of that too or even wrestlers who have gone on to be better than their predecessors. Randy Orton has been a World Champion thirteen times, a feat that his father Bob Orton didn't even achieve once.


Current WWE Superstar Curtis Axel is a little harder to place on that second generation wrestler scale. The Axe Man isn't a bad wrestler by any means, but he has struggled to live up to the legacy of his father, Curt Hennig. In all fairness to Axel, that is some act to follow. Hennig, aka Mr. Perfect, was a massive star during the late '80s and '90s, and is probably one of the best wrestlers to never hold the WWE Championship.

Even though Axel is no Hennig, he has still had a respectable WWE career up until this point. The B Team member has been Intercontinental Champion, a title also held by his father, and this past Friday celebrated a big milestone. Axel revealed on Twitter that June 1, 2018, marked ten years as a WWE Superstar. That is easier said than done and not something that many of his peers can currently boast.

Axel is currently getting quite a bit of screen time on Raw. He and Bo Dallas were effectively The Miz's shadows up until recently, however, The A-Lister moving to SmackDown Live has given them a chance to shine. They may be something of a joke act and are called The B Team, but appearing on Raw each and every week is something some WWE Superstars would currently give their arm for.


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