Dan Cormier Confirms WWE Contacted Him For Commentary Role, Gives Details Of Conversation

After defeating Derrick Lewis at UFC 230, people want to know what's next for UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier. One of the first things on his list of to-do's and something he's finally ready for is a trip to WWE. He's confirmed, he's already had that conversation with the wrestling promotion and a plan to appear is in the works.

Cormier proved on Saturday that he's one of the best and most popular UFC Superstars on the current roster. Naturally, WWE loves that kind of crossover appeal, having made a star over the last few years out of Brock Lesnar who reinvented himself as UFC Champion. Even better, a natural rivalry is brewing between Cormier and Lesnar as the two are the most likely opponents for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

Bringing in Cormier to WWE is a no-brainer and recently, it was revealed that Fox — the new and future home for SmackDown Live — has urged WWE to call Cormier and get him on board as an announcer. To that end, Cormier revealed he had a planned tryout to be a WWE commentator, but it was postponed due to his UFC schedule.

Cormier said, "They called me. They reached out to my assistant. It was WWE, not Fox. They called me about going to Orlando, Florida," Cormier told Busted Open Radio. After working out a couple tentative dates, both were pushed back due to scheduling issues and travel for either WWE or himself. "I had a tentative date, but then I couldn't make that date," he explained. "Afterward, they asked me to go back but they were on tour or something for a month, and I was like, I want to do it with the entire commentary team. I don't want to do it with one guy here and one guy there because I wanted to see who I can mesh with, and they were like, okay let's schedule it in November."

While he said he would never consider a full-time wrestling spot in the company, Cormier also didn't rule out the idea of match. He said, "I don't know the game, or take bumps and learned to do all of that. Am I saying that it is out of the realm of possibilities to do a one-off here and there? I would be into it, but I'd be more of a protector of the announce table going forward," stated Cormier."

The plan is already in the works according to Cormier. "I am going to Orlando to the Performance Center to do my gig to see how it works out." He called himself extremely passionate about pro wrestling and admitted he's always wanted to be involved. It appears that's not just likely to happen, but almost a sure thing now.

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