Daniel Bryan Will Reveal "Career-Altering Announcement" On SmackDown

Two days after he and Rowan lost the SmackDown Tag Team Championships at Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan is set to make a massive career-altering announcement on SmackDown Live, according to WWE.com.

After the loss on Sunday, Bryan had an emotional and angry backstage interview with Sarah Schreiber, saying he has to "aim higher...go where Daniel Bryan has not gone before."

But nobody knows what Bryan means exactly, and it's anyone's guess what the career-altering announcement could be. Retirement certainly won't be on the table for Bryan, who has performed nicely in the ring since his unlikely return to wrestling a year ago.

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Perhaps Bryan could be adding more superstars to his alliance with Rowan. Maybe Bryan is going to split from Rowan. Or, maybe Bryan is ready to pull off another babyface turn again? We'll just have to find out.

Bryan turned heel after he defeated and brutally attacked AJ Styles to become the new WWE Champion on the Nov. 13 episode of SmackDown. That was the introduction of the "New Daniel Bryan" character, and he's remained the brand's top heel ever since.

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Bryan lost the WWE Championship to Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35, and the latter spent a bit of time away from the ring to recover from injury. When Bryan returned, he and Rowan became the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions on the May 7 episode, taking down The Usos and embarking on a reign that would last 68 days.

With Bryan and Rowan dropping the titles to New Day at Extreme Rules, it remains to be seen what the future holds for one of the WWE's top main event talents. This career-altering announcement has everybody standing on their toes, but we'll just have to sit back and speculate what it will be until he finally reveals it.

What This Means

This is a smart play by the SmackDown creative team, because it promises to boost television ratings as fans anxiously await to find out what Bryan has to say. The possibilities for the "career-altering announcement" are endless. All we know is that it'll be something monumental, and it figures to be the top storyline on SmackDown.

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